Professional Laser Cutting in Sydney

Do you have an idea for an intricate gear clock to mount on your wall? Perhaps you envision the perfect cupcake display stand for your store. Or maybe you hope to give away one-of-a-kind trophies to your hard-working employees.

At Hills Plastic, we can turn your ideas into a reality. We offer professional laser cutting to Sydney residents, and we look forward to the challenge of creating your next promotional product or work of art.

No Limit to the Possibilities

Acrylic offers incredible versatility, durability and affordability, making it a popular material for any industry in Sydney. This material looks beautiful when engraved, so you can enjoy high-contrast images and smooth edges. It also has excellent break and shatter resistance, and you can choose a variety of colours to suit your needs.

With our professional laser cutting techniques, we can etch custom wording, text, logos, images and other designs onto a variety of acrylic products less than 25 mm thick. Or if you wish, we can cut acrylic sheets into any number of shapes and patterns according to your request. From model parts to labels to furniture to toys, your options are only limited by your creativity and imagination.

Let Us Know About Your Next Project

At Hills Plastic, we love when Sydney customers bring in exciting new ideas for gifts, awards, signage and school projects. Simply save your ideas as an EPS or DXF file, and then submit the file to our team via email. Or, you can also drop off a USB stick at our office, and we’ll soon be ready with your personalised coin display, photo frame or shelving.

If you have questions about our professional laser cutting service, call us on (02) 9659 6646. We’ll gladly give you a free quote. If necessary, our helpful staff can help you choose the right thickness, colour, effects and lighting to enhance your design.